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This page last updated 13 July 2017
Anglicans Online last updated 11 November 2018


THE ANGLICAN CHURCH is often referred to as the Church of England—that's because the roots of the Anglican Communion are in the British Isles.

The Church of England is one part of the Anglican Communion. England (along with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) is part of the United Kingdom for secular purposes, but there are separate Anglican Churches in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We reflect this by having pages for each.

We offer these resources pertaining to the Church of England:

The Church of England by diocese
The Church of England by geographic region
Official information about the Church of England
Miscellaneous resources
Royal Peculiars

Also see our pages for Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Are you looking for a parish church in England?
The Church of England web site has a map of its dioceses, with links to basic parish information, and many individual diocesan web sites provide similar information.

You might also try, an interactive directory that allows you to search for churches using a variety of criteria, including postcode. The database includes all churches in the Church of England, not just those with web sites. Maps showing ecclesiastical parish boundaries are also provided.

If you know of a web site that should be listed here and is not, please tell us.

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