Photographs of a visit to Baghdad, February 2003
The Rt Revd Pierre Whalon
, Bishop of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe

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DCP_0388 DCP_0390 DCP_0391 DCP_0393
    Bishop Whalon and Msgr Isaak       Msgr Sleiman and Mar Dinka IV       Matti Shaba Matoka       Convent  
DCP_0394 DCP_0395 DCP_0398 DCP_0400
    Sign at St George's Church       War memorial plaque       Stained-glass window       Church cornerstone  
DCP_0402 DCP_0403 DCP_0404 DCP_0406
    Stained glass window       Altar at St George's       Narthex of St George's       Stained glass  
DCP_0407 DCP_0408 DCP_0409 DCP_0410
    Stained-glass window 1       Inside St George's Church       St George's       St George's Anglican Church  
DCP_0411 DCP_0413 DCP_0414 DCP_0415
    Pierre Whalon and Emmanuel Delly       Chaldean tapestry       Bishop Whalon and Msgr Sleiman       National Protestant Church  
DCP_0417 DCP_0419 DCP_0421 DCP_0423
    Ecumenical service       Ecumenical service       Pater noster       Press conference  
DCP_0424 DCP_0425 DCP_0426 DCP_0427
    Press conference       Protestant Bookstore       al Kadhimain mosque       al Kadhimain  
DCP_0428 DCP_0429 DCP_0430 DCP_0433
    al Kadhimain mosque       al Kadhimain mosque       al Kadhimain mosque       Bishop and Mullah  
DCP_0446 DCP_0447 DCP_0448 DCP_0449
    Ceiling of Mullah's office       Human shields bus       Human shields bus       Mazgûf cooking  
DCP_0450 DCP_0451  
    Tigris river carp       Dinner at Msgr Isaac's       In the drawing room  

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